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Exemplar Properties

Exemplar Properties is a UK Real Estate company focused on the development, refurbishment and active management of large scale commercial and residential assets.

We focus our attention to the finest detail using inspiration and imagination to produce the best possible outcome. We were the proud recipients in the 2006 Property Week Awards of the prestigious "Up and Coming Property Company". We are the fastest growing UK property company and our aim is to be recognized as the leaders in our field.

The partners of Exemplar are all specialists in large scale property development focused on the commercial and residential sectors and we continue to seek such projects. As well as single use opportunities we are particularly interested in mixed use schemes which may include retail, leisure or industrial uses. Essentially, our strategy is to undertake activity where we can bring the management team's skill to bear in order to add value.

We are always looking for new opportunities to add to our portfolio. Our current focus is urban sites with good potential for new development whether this be office, retail or residential. We are particularly interested in sustainable development and as such well located property located close to strong public transport hubs is welcomed.

In terms of lot size, we typically look for development and investment opportunities with end values in the range of £20m - £200m.

Tel: 020 7299 0800
Fax: 020 7299 0801